MAW Heute

The Kreiner Family the Management and the Team

Together with her husband Karl Kreiner and her daughter Bettina Kreiner, Dr. Adelheid Kreiner-Rodler runs MAW, Media-Plan, Ärztezentrale and Robidruck. In these efforts, they continue to be supported by their son Manuel Kreiner. In a familiar atmosphere and with an open mind for the needs of their customers and employees, MAW and its management team are there side by side with their dedicated staff, ready with advice every day and there to complete any required task. This family run company can look back on a consistent tradition since 1911. It has always faced new challenges with openness and creativity.

How we work

Congress organisers, sponsors and exhibitors appreciate the longstanding tradition that MAW stands for and trust our company to be a long-term, reliable partner. Every congress is special to us – whether large or small, national or international – we feel responsible, work diligently and are committed to the success of every project. Structure, order and competence are important here – just as indispensable as flexibility, friendliness and most of all, enjoying the spirit of the service industry.


Ärztezentrale für Ferngesprächsübermittlung (The Central Medical Switchboard) – the first private telephone network for member doctors – founded by Dr. Wilfried Rodler

The Ärztezentrale was gradually expanded based on its contacts among physicians:

  • address database and mailing department for specialised medical addresses
  • printed matter production and sales
  • cure and health resort information and contacts for medical cures and health treatments


Maria Rodler joins the company and later takes it over. Foundation of the Ärzteclub (Physicians’ Club) at the Palais Ferstl as an information platform for doctors. The first medical congresses during the postwar era were held in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce: e.g., the österreichische Ärztetagung (Austrian Doctor’s Conference) held in September 1948 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg or the Leistungsschau für das Gesundheitswesen (The Health and Welfare Fair) held in March 1949 at the Vienna Stock Exchange.


Foundation of the Medizinischer Informationsdienst (medical information service), a specialised publisher that serves as an information platform for doctors that was later expanded and became the Medizinische Ausstellungs- und Werbegesellschaft (medical exhibition and advertising company, MAW).


The demand for further education opportunities continues to rise as well as the need for information and communication between doctors, the pharmaceutical and the medical technology industry. This leads to a greater number of congresses with integrated exhibitions. Since then, MAW has been an active and innovative partner for scientific societies when it comes to helping them organise their specialised congresses.


Foundation of Robidruck printing, mainly for company related printed matter for the Ärztezentrale and all the printed matter required for congresses.


Dr. Adelheid Kreiner-Rodler and her husband Karl Kreiner join the company and later take it over.


Increasing activity as the organiser of specialised exhibitions for European and international congresses that are held in Austria.


Foundation of Media-Plan for the management of non-medical technical events.


Internationalisation of MAW: organisation of exhibitions in Europe and all over the world.

Since 1990

Bettina Kreiner plays an active part in the company and her brother Manuel Kreiner has a consulting function in the company.

With the motto "reliability and open for new things" we continue to write the history of our company. It is the story of intensive cooperation between the management and its dedicated employees who are always there to meet new demands from their customers together.


MAW is honoured with the IAPCO Supplier Award in recognition of excellent service quality.


MAW continues to expand its business areas: The Company is now additionally active as a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), its organisational tasks including the overall management of congresses and conventions, and participant registration, amongst others (see our range of services). MAW has since been pleased to meet the wishes of clients who prefer one-stop total support.


Karl Kreiner (MAW) received the Austrian Congress Award from the Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB) for his innovative and special contribution for the advancement within the congress industry.


With its Annual Award, I.M. Austria recognises the Company’s outstanding merits in the Austrian trade fair, event and congress industries.

Since 2020

MAW has been rising to new challenges.
We recognised 2020 to be an opportunity and thus accelerated progress in terms of event-related technical innovations. Conjoining with the most relevant and reliable technical partners, MAW continues to offer made-to-measure solutions depending on the given congress formats and budgets. The lessons learnt having by now expanded vastly, we are pleased to share our experience in implementing virtual and hybrid congress formats and webinars with our clients.